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Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set (MSD 31189), 8.5mm, Red

Conditions :  New
Pattern   :  Automotive
Gender   :  unisex-adult

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Product Description The MSD 8.5 Mm super conductor wire is the performance wire. Engineered from the inside out, the 8.5 Offers everything you have ever wanted in a wire; incredibly low resistance without electronic interference. In a single 12 inch Length of super conductor wire there is only 40 to 50 ohms of resistance. That is the lowest resistance of any helically wound wire. To accomplish this, we use a copper alloy conductor due to it's great voltage carrying capabilities. The low resistance results in less loss of spark energy so more reaches the spark plug. The conductor is wound extremely tight around a special center core. So tight, that there is over 40 feet Of conductor wrapped into a single foot of plug wire. This winding procedure, combined with a Ferro-magnetic impregnated center core, produces an extremely effective electro magnetic interference (EMI) choke. From the Manufacturer MSD Universal Kits have the only spark plug terminal and boot installed with the other end of the wire open. This way, you can route the wires the way you like and cut them for a custom fit! MSD Heli-Core Ignition wire uses a solid monel conductor that is spiral wound around a glass inner core, giving their wire the low resistance and maximum voltage capacity of solid core wire SPECIFICATIONS Super Conductor Wire Set - For 8-Cylinder Engines with Gm Hei Type ("Spark Plug Top") Distributor Caps WARRANTIES One Year Limited Warranty

Product highlights

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  • Copper alloy conductor has a resistance value of less than 50 ohms per foot for superior spark
  • Ferro-magnetic impregnated core creates an effective EMI choke
  • Forty feet of conductor is wound into a single foot of wire for high EMI suppression; Conductor core features Dupont Kevlar material for increased tensile strength
  • Durable outer sleeve is a proprietary compound for resistance to high heat or abrasion
  • Stainless steel terminals feature dual crimp tabs to grip wire conductor and outer jacket separately
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  • Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set (MSD 31189)
  • 8.5mm
  • Red
  • MSD