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Sony Electronics Srf59silver Am/fm Walkman Stereo Radio

Age Group : Adult
Conditions : New
Pattern    : Radio
Gender    : Unisex

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Product Description The SRF-59SILVER AM/FM Walkman radio is so lightweight you can take it virtually anywhere. Delivering great sound in a small package, this stereo features an AM/FM tuner and an easy-to-use tuning knob. One (1) "AA" battery provides hours1 of listening, while the local/distant switch provides optimal reception of both near and distant stations. The SRF-59 is lightweight, simple-to-use FM/AM stereo receiver. Weighing only 3 ounces (84 grams), this compact player is a perfect companion for the track, bike trail or work area. The FM antenna is part of the headphone cord, so you are sure to receive a strong signal. The AM antenna is a ferrite bar type. The local/distant switch will help you fine tune the reception. Both the volume and tuning buttons are rotary dials, providing a nice sight-free way to make major changes to the Walkman. Sony has included their MDR (micro dynamic receiver) headphones with the SRF-59. These headphones are open air type; the headphones will allow ambient noise to filter into the ear canal, providing a rich sound and keeping you safely aware of events, people and automobiles around you. The headphones provide ample dynamic range and sound. The Walkman requires only one AA battery, keeping the receiver lightweight and inexpensive to operate. When using a Sony alkaline battery, you can expect an impressive 100-140 hours of use. There is also a belt clip included, so you can carry the Walkman on your belt. The color is a sporty silver. What's in the Box Sony SRF-59 Walkman FM stereo, Sony MDR open air headphones, belt clip, user's manual and a ninety day warranty. From the Manufacturer Sony's SRF-59 Walkman AM/FM Stereo Radio is so lightweight you can take it virtually anywhere. Featuring AM/FM stereo tuner and an easy to use tuning knob, this Walkman lets you to enjoy a wide range of talk and music programs in stereo sound as you tune in to stations with ease. Single AA battery operation provides hours of listening, while the Local/Distant switch provides optimal reception of both near and distant stations. The SRF-59SILVER--great sound in a small package. Features: AM/FM Stereo Tuner Convenient Compact Design MDR Open Air Stereo Headphones Local/Distant (DX) Switch Single "AA" Battery Operation Belt Clip See more

Product highlights

  • Does not play cassette tapes, FM/AM radio only.
  • Lightweight and compact FM/AM Walkman (weighs only 3 ounces), belt clip included
  • Included Sony MDR headphones act as FM antenna
  • Local/distant switch ensures optimal reception
  • No Preset option Available
  • Single AA battery provides long use (100-140 hours using a Sony alkaline)
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  • Sony Electronics Srf59silver Am/fm Walkman Stereo Radio
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