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Global Cookware Kitchen Stainless Steel Cutlery G-38-10 Inch, 26cm Diamond Sharpening Steel

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Pattern    : Knife Sharpener
Gender    : Cookware

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Product description Sharpen your knives to slice food precisely for even cooking with this diamond sharpening rod from Global. Its white diamond rod will hone your knives or get them razor sharp, depending on your needs. The hand guard allows you to use this hand-held sharpening rod to safely sharpen your favorite knife. This high quality honing rod is super strong so it won't break if you drop it. You can be sure that this elegant and straightforward honing rod will be highly used in your kitchen. 10" L Although steels often are touted as sharpening tools, few actually sharpen knife blades, but they do perform the vital task of realigning, or resetting, edges, which bend when contacting a cutting surface or other hard object. Because this tool's chrome/vanadium stainless-steel rod contains hundreds of thousands of diamond particles, it's hard enough to somewhat sharpen a blade. Using this steel won't replace a professional sharpening job, which proceeds from coarse grinding to ever-finer grinding at tightly controlled angles. However, it will lengthen intervals between sharpenings better than a steel without diamonds because it accomplishes the final task of a professional sharpening, which is polishing the edge to a fine point. Exceptionally well made, this tool's rod has a solid core and has been plated with hard chrome for additional resistance to abrasion and to extend its life. Because the rod is a 3/4-inch-wide oval, it exposes more surface and works quicker than a cylindrical rod. Like Global's signature knife handles, the steel's handle is molded for comfort and dimpled for a safe grip. The rule is that a steel should be at least as long as the knife blade being drawn across it, and this steel's 10-inch rod is long enough for most household knives. --Fred Brack

Product highlights

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  • Solid-core rod hones as well as realigns knife edges
  • Made of chrome/vanadium stainless-steel coated with diamond particles
  • Plated with hard chrome for additional resistance to abrasion
  • 3/4-inch oval exposes more surface for quicker work
  • Stainless-steel handle molded for comfort, dimpled for safe grip
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  • Global Cookware Kitchen Stainless Steel Cutlery G-38-10 Inch
  • 26cm Diamond Sharpening Steel
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