Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Fits over Reading glasses - SLEEP BETTER at Night - Orange Anti Glare lens to Reduce Insomnia, Migraine, Eye Strain – Blue Filter Computer Glasses for Men, Women, Gaming

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Want a Comfortable Fit?Our blue-light fitovers will fit on any glasses frames. Guaranteed the best fit or your money back with our Fab Fit Guarantee. Want Rimless Viewing?Now you can see your T.V., computer, phone, digital device screen, gaming console, or reading book with less obstruction. Want the Strongest Blue Blocking Lens?Compared to yellow and clear lenses, Northland Outpost's orange fitover glasses block 95% of harmful rays. Helps with insomnia! And they work great as macular degeneration glasses, photophobia glasses, glaucoma glasses, Irlen glasses, irlen syndrome, traumatic brain injury, jet lag glasses, and migraine glasses! BPA-FREE HELPS WITH HEADACHES and EYE STRAIN - Even with extended screen time HELPS WITH FACIAL TENSION - So lightweight you'll forget you're wearing amber glasses! WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Our family started this business because I became so ill five years ago that I could not function. My husband had to quit work so he could take care of me and our EIGHT kiddos! In order to recover I had to get my sleep better first! Then the rest of my body could heal. So you're not buying from a corporation who has no compassion... you're buying from REAL PEOPLE. PERFECT GIFTfor the professional, office worker, gamer, student, or health conscious friend or family member. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEEif you are not completely satisfied with the fit AND performance of our gamma ray blocking glasses. So don't put it off,ADD TO CARTnow. ~ You'll have your new glasses in justTWO DAYSand you'll be headache-free and getting the best sleep ever.

Product highlights

  • GET DEEP SLEEP EVERY NIGHT! Blue light blockers increase melatonin to help you get better sleep - Amber lenses block 95% of blue light, 2X better than yellow and 4X better than clear lenses
  • TIRED OF HEADACHES, MIGRAINES, AND EYE FATIGUE? Our anti glare computer glasses ERASE EYE STRAIN from staring at a computer, phone, or glass laptop screen, and from watching TV, gaming, and reading in night light
  • PROTECT YOUR EYES FOR A LIFETIME - If you suffer from glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration glasses that have oversized, wide, and rimless lenses decrease blue light exposure to the eye to help with further deterioration / Glasses that block blue light protect even better than blue light screen protectors
  • GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY! - Includes storage case, cleaning cloth, soft bag, and computer protective glasses - Great gift for someone who has everything! US Seller with Great Customer Service
  • FAB FIT GUARANTEE - If you are not 100% satisfied return your glasses for a full refund! - The lightweight, black frame won't slip down - Or try our clip-ons!
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  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Fits over Reading glasses - SLEEP BETTER at Night - Orange Anti Glare lens to Reduce Insomnia
  • Migraine
  • Eye Strain – Blue Filter Computer Glasses for Men
  • Women
  • Gaming