Beauticom Dolly's Lash Lift Eyelash Wave Lotion Premium Perm Kit - Number 1 Choice for Professional Curling, Perming, Lifting

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Color:Luxury Dolly's Lash Kit (M&L) Pads Avoid using eyelash curlers for three months with Dolly's Lash products! Suitable for mainly professional use, this easy-to-use eyelash semi-permanent curling kit will make it faster to put on makeup. Each product is formulated and tested thoroughly to ensure for safe and effective use for everyone. Each Dolly Lash Wave Lotion Kit includes: 1xBottle ofPerm Lotion (#1 Pink Curling Agent) 1xBottle ofSetting Lotion (#2 Blue Fixative Agent) 1xBottle ofNourishing Lotion (#3 Moisturizing Agent) 1x Bottle ofGlue (Laminating Agent) 1x Box of Medium Silicon Pads (10pc) 1x Box of Large Silicon Pads (10pc) 3x Y-Brushes About Each Product: 1. Perm Lotion (#1 Pink Curling Agent) Allows the eyelashes to curl naturally and beautifully 2. Setting Lotion (#2 Blue Fixative Agent) Allows the curls to last approximately three months 3. Nourishing Lotion (#3 Moisturizing Agent) Enriches, repairs, and protects for a more natural eyelash look 4. Silicon Pads Easy to use and designed with specially made silicon to provide an excellent curling angle 5. Glue (Laminating Agent) Specially formulated to use with silicon pads with a gentle scent to avoid irritation Useful Tips: Silicon Pad sizes depend on lash length, not eye size Q-Tips may be replaced by reusable Y-Brush Aligning silicon pads to the center is easier than ends Make sure lashes are fully separated to avoid clumping Glue can be easily removed by using the nourishing lotion (#3 moisturizing agent)

Product highlights

  • [Includes] Curling Agent, Fixative Agent, Moisturizing Agent, Laminating Agent, Silicon Pads and Y-Brushes.
  • [Salon Quality] Specially formulated with quality ingredients ensuring for natural and healthy eyelashes.
  • [Multiple Uses] Product may last for several applications if stored correctly.
  • [Easy to Use] Easy to follow instructions are provided on the back off the box.
  • [Perfectly Curled Lashes] Semi-Permanent curled eyelashes will last for up to three months.
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  • Beauticom Dolly's Lash Lift Eyelash Wave Lotion Premium Perm Kit - Number 1 Choice for Professional Curling
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